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ADRA Kyrgyzstan

ADRA Kyrgyzstan started its work in 1995. It provides humanitarian assistance and support to people in need regardless the race, nationality, ethnic origin, based on the principle that every human life is infinitely precious. From 1995 to 2012, ADRA held charity activities in Kyrgyzstan in the following areas:

  • Provision of food and other necessities for children and adults in difficult situations (assistance in extreme poverty, social vulnerability, etc.);
  • Economic development (education and support for entrepreneurs, development of social initiatives of elderly people based on Self-Help Groups, training in income-generating activities);
  • Health (medical support to government institutions, hardware, first aid, vaccination etc.);
  • Education (support and training of education, health and social development specialists, using the best practices and special prevention programs for children and youth);
  • Rehabilitation and assistance to the people affected by natural and technological disasters, economic crises and war.

During this period, the most vulnerable population was provided with help for more than $70 million. Also, the agency was involved in disaster management in different regions of Kyrgyzstan.


Project contribution90%

Use of private donations in humanitarian services

For every $10 given to ADRA, $9 goes directly to support each of our life changing programs. Each gift you make is a contribution to the entire mission of ADRA, to be used wherever the need is greatest.