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Food security in Kyrgyzstan is experiencing structural and environmental challenges. Structural are related to high level of unemployment and high dependency on the remittances coming from overseas migrants workers (mostly Russia) that are projected to be lower in year 2015. On the other hand, a lot of land is mountainous terrain and there are not many possibilities for food growth.

The goal of this project is to try to tackle the issue of food security and livelihoods by opening an agricultural knowledge resource center in Tokmak city, Kyrgyzstan in the form of greenhouse, training and living facilities. In this facilities ADRA Kyrgyzstan will train 50 family representatives from Kyrgyzstan and 10 family representatives from Afghanistan in Mittleider Method of food growth that is high yielding and easily applicable in home settings.

The goal of having students from Afghanistan is to create potential human resource for the implementation of the same assistance by ADRA Afghanistan. This method will extend the food growth during some winter months, that will enrich often impoverished diet during the winter season. Beside food security, we believe that some will be encouraged to try the method as their enterprise, making it their income generating activity.

ADRA Kyrgyzstan believes that this initiative will open the ways into new land resource utilization in ways that were not familiar to Kyrgyz community before and make them motivated to be more self-reliant in the effort to solve their food insecurity issues.