Food parcels for elderly people in Kyrgyzstan

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Helping the elderly people by partially supplying the food for everyday life.

The need

Low pansion and lack of care from their children, elderly people faces great challenges in everyday life. Some elderly people are left alone while their offspring emigrated for pursue of the better life in abroad, some of them don’t have children, and some are facing difficult health problems. Money supply that are left over the month often is found insufficient for basic human needs like food.

What ADRA is doing

ADRA Kyrgyzstan is providing additional food supply of these elderly people, by giving them food parcels of flour, oil, pasta, sugar, canned beef and fish… etc. ADRA buys fresh food, which is distributed once per two months to the babushka groups. Babushka leaders are elderly people who are reaching around 8-12 pensioners in need. Through Babushkas leaders we reach and help 310 pensioners around Bishkek and Chuy region.

How can you help?

Help us to help these vulnerable by donating or providing nonperishable food, clothes or shoes. Your donation will be used for covering the cost for the new food packages and reaching new beneficiaries. Help us to give a smiles upon their faces, and bring hope, love and care.