One for One

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Distribution of shoes in rural school as part of the TOMS Shoes One for One project.

The need

In rural areas from the Kyrgyz Republic there are children who suffer low involvement in the educational process.
Being a part of vulnerable families they often lack of proper footwear to go to school. Our partner brand TOMS Shoes gives a pair of shoes to a children in need for every one they sale. As their state in their website “With each shoe purchase, a new pair of TOMS Shoes is given to child through one of our 100+ Shoe Giving Partners. Each of our partners provides health, education or community development programs to help improve the future of children, their families and communities in need.” Two variant of shoes are given to the children, a canvas slip-on, comfortable for the classes and sports, and winter boots specially designed to face the cold winters.

What ADRA is doing

ADRA team travels yearly to the mountainous region of Talass. The packages of shoes are delivered by truck in a warehouse, and there representatives of the schools come to meet the ADRA team and receive the packages for each school. And then the children receive the shoes in their respective schools.
ADRA visits some of the schools that need the most with the project The Way to School to increase the support in education and hygiene for the children.

How can you help?

Your donations will allow ADRA to reach schools in further regions increasing the number of children receiving the project. Shoes, clothes, schools supplies, computers equipment, office supplies are delivered as part of the project, feel free to come to our office and bring your help for the children education.