Social mobilization of elderly people

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Social mobilization of self-help elderly group to promote inclusive citizenship, social rights of migrant families in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The need

Kyrgyzstan is divided in seven provinces, and citizens who are migrating to another province are loosing the government rights like education rights, health care and other government benefits. Most commonly, people from countryside, used to nomadic lifestyle are migrating to the cities like Bishkek in the purpose of better life.

These families are required to pass through long process of bureaucracy and are in need of legal counsel, as well of the basic human needs.

What ADRA is doing

ADRA Kyrgyzstan have organized and trained elderly people to offer the help to internal migrants in their region. By professional help of a lawyer, ADRA is conducting trainings and seminars on legislation, advocacy and lobbying. Trainings are taken by elderly people who are sharing their knowledge and offering the help to the internal migrants.

ADRA has 31 groups in region of Bishkek, and 3 groups in the region of Chüy Province. Also these migrant families are in need of basic relief and development supplies. Trough groups ADRA is supplying the some of the food packages, seeds, fertilizers, fabrics, etc.

How can you help?

You can contribute by supplying seeds, fertilizers, fabric, food packages and office supplies. Your monetary donation will be used for reaching more beneficiaries, lobbying and promoting the social rights of migrants at the legislative level and in the support of the migrant families.