Third Age Institute

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“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.” – John Barrymore;

ADRA is taking special care of our elderly by providing a variety of social activities such as education, entertainment, and productivity clubs in order to enrich their lives. They have built our past and ensured our present. Help us give back in gratitude, love, and care….


The need

People in the third age are commonly exposed to the loneliness, depression and leisure, lacking of healthy social activities, and often limited everyday need supplies.

What ADRA is doing

The Third Age Institute (TAI) is project runned by ADRA Kyrgyzstan to improve the quality of life of elderly people through establishing Self-Help Groups (SHG), promoting social activities, education, handcraft hobbies, productivity and advocacy activity focused on their rights.
TAI’s everyday life is diverse and full of bright events. Thirty one SHGs consisting of more than elders, many of them involved in many educational programs runned in ADRA like Computer, English, Spanish, Korean and Art craft classes. TAI classes are open to all public, the goal is to help elderly people to maintain friendship and communion, fighting loneliness and depression.
In Bishkek ADRA opened a business project with the group leaders to increase the income of the SHG’s. ADRA provides them with fabric, yarns and wool which they use to knitting and sew. There are two pavilions located in different spots of the city, there the babushkas sell the variety of knitting pieces and handmade goods, earnings are focused on supply their everyday needs.

How you can help?

You can help this project grow so more elder people might benefit from it. Promote it in your area, bring in the supplies for the workshops, help volunteering there or work with the elder people on individual level. If you are willing to help with a monetary donation, it will be used for reaching more beneficiaries and improve the quality of activities.
You can also volunteer as a teacher or instructor, just contact us and will start working on it.