Partner with us in the venture to empower disadvantaged communities and individuals with the resources, skills and opportunities to live a better life with dignity and hope.

If you share the same goals and vision and you are passionate to help people, we invite you to join us and make this ministry your personal.

One of the ways to partner is through direct donation. Your donation you can either be specific towards the cause(s)  you want to support or you can give general donation that will be used for the most urgent need.

Specific Donations

Please choose the currently running project that you want to support.
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Social mobilization of elderly people

Social mobilization of self-help elderly group to promote inclusive...
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Payment Methods

We have provided two different payment methods. If you are paying with PayPal you can be specify the projects you want to support, or you can donate in general support of the ADRA office. In general donation we will distributed your support to the most needed area.  Also you can donate via credit card payment and specify the purpose of your support.


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